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Portal2Compare helps you to find the best stairlifts

People tend to believe that moving out of the house is the only option when climbing the stairs becomes increasingly difficult. Another option is to install a stairlift, this will allow you to keep enjoying the comfort of your own home.

Buying a stairlift is typically a one-time purchase, so it is not an easy decision to make. That is why you need to make sure it suits your personal wishes and needs, but which stairlift is most suitable in your situation? A quick search on the internet will provide you with multiple stairlift suppliers that offer different models at different prices. Portal2Compare helps to simplify the selection process by offering you a comparison tool, which allows you to compare free quotes from various suppliers in a few steps. This saves you lots of time and effort! We also make sure to connect you with reliable suppliers in your area that can offer the service and guarantee you need.

Regain independence at home

A stairlift helps you to regain your independence at home, it enables you to safely move up and down the stairs again. This makes it an ideal solution for elderly people that struggle with climbing the stairs on a daily basis. Furthermore, a stairlift can also help people that have any form of physical disabilities to safely climb the stairs.

In other words, a stairlift is not just a mechanical device it is far more than that. Think of it as a key that allows you to keep living in the house you love the most, close to your friends, family or favourite shops. It helps you to perform a daily routine which is easy for some, but so difficult for some people in our society.

Stairlift for your need

Which stairlift do I need?

What is a stairlift? A stairlift is a chair that moves up and down a rail system, and it is powered by an electric motor. It is designed for people who cannot move up and down the stairs independently. A stairlift is easy to use, you sit on the chair and use the remote control to move up or down simple as that.

But why are there so many options and so many factors to take into consideration then? There are a couple of things to keep in mind when searching for a stairlift:

  • What kind of staircase do I have? The model of the stairlift depends on the type of staircase in your home, for instance if you have a straight staircase it is easier to manufacture the required rail which leads to quicker installation.

  • What type of material is the staircase made of? It is important for the suppliers to know what kind of material they are dealing with, in order to give you the best advice.

  • How many floors is the stairlift required for? Not every stairlift is designed to reach multiple floors, so this would require a special type of stairlift.

  • How many steps does your staircase consist of? This information is important in order to determine the length of the rail.

  • Is your staircase in or outside the house? Some suppliers offer stairlifts that can be used outside as well.

  • Are there any obstacles at the top or bottom of the stairs? If there are obstacles, suppliers will need to verify whether the installation is possible.

  • What is your budget? There are numerous stairlift models, which means the price might differ a lot depending on the type of stairlift you need/want. 

There are more things that come to mind when searching for a stairlift, but these are some of the most common. Our comparison tool was designed to simplify the selection process. Do you want to receive free quotes or receive more information? By completing our form on the right or on top of this page, we will contact you in order to discuss the possibilities. If something is not clear or if you have any other questions feel free to contact us by phone: 02070973255

How much does a stairlift cost?

Stairlift for your need

Every staircase is different, but stairlifts are available for all kinds of stairs. The price of a stairlift is determined by multiple factors, for example a stairlift for a straight staircase is cheaper than a stairlift for a curved staircase. Why? Because stairlifts for straight staircases are easier to install, stairlifts for curved staircases are always custom made.

Other factors which can influence the price are stated in the list below:

  • How many floors is the stairlift required for?

  • How many steps does your staircase consist of?

  • What type of staircase do you have?

  • Which material is the staircase made of?

  • Are there any obstacles at the top or bottom of the stairs?

  • Is the staircase in or outside the house? 

Buying a stairlift is an investment that allows you to keep enjoying the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind that moving out of the house, because of mobility issues, can turn out to be more expensive than a stairlift solution. If you are on a budget it is possible to select stairlifts with less options, so it is adjusted to your wishes and budget.

The table below provides an overview of the price indication per staircase type.


Price range (new)

Installation costs depend on:

Stairlift for straight staircase

£2.000 - £5.000

- Functionalities (technical capabilities, speed, control options, individual wishes)

- Quality and length of the rail

- Number of floors to cross

Stairlift for curved staircase

£4.000 - £8.500

- Functionalities (technical capabilities, speed, control options, individual wishes)

- Quality and length of the rail

- Number of floors to cross

- Staircase type: 1 or 2 curves, spiral staircase, stairs with landing, steep stairs, placement inside or outside of the stairs

Platform lift

£7.000 - £17.000

- Scope of the necessary renovation work (including the renovation for the installation of the lift as well as necessary measures regarding the access roads for wheelchairs, for example)

Compare quotes for free

As described in the text above, it can be quite challenging to make a well-educated decision. This is where Portal2Compare comes to the rescue, what do you need to do in order to get our help? Use our comparison tool on the right or on top of this page, and receive free stairlift quotations from different suppliers in your area. As well as additional information and answers to all of your questions.

Why is it important to compare quotes before buying a stairlift? Gathering all of the information you need can be difficult and time consuming, Portal2Compare helps by providing you with the information you need in order to compare and make a decision. Using our service does not only save you time, but it can save you money as well. How? It is simple, because you receive multiple quotes from different companies, it is easier to compare the prices and select the most affordable one. However, the price is not always the most important aspect, the most important thing is to select a supplier which provides you with the best solution for your problem.

Why choose Portal2Compare? We have been providing people with advice and stairlift quotes for more than 10 years, so hopefully our expertise can help you with your battle against immobility. Another reason is to avoid spending hours on the internet comparing prices and suppliers, Portal2Compare was designed to save you time and money! And remember requesting quotes is completely free and without obligations.

Stairlift types

Every staircase is different, but stairlifts are available for all kinds of stairs! The list below provides an overview of the main type of stairs. If the list does not contain your type of stairs, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on by phone: 02070973255

Stairlift for a straight staircase

Inhoud traplift

If you own a straight staircase it is relatively cheaper to install a stairlift, due to the fact that it requires less manufacturing. A straight staircase requires a straight rail for the stairlift, this type of rail is easier to manufacture and requires less time to install. In addition to this, it is possible to equip the chair with luxurious options, this affects the price as well. Keep in mind that a home visit is essential in order to provide a good estimate of the possibilities, installation time and the costs.

Stairlift for a curved staircase

Inhoud traplift

The price for staircases with 1 or more curves is a bit higher, due to the fact these are always custom made. In other words, the rail for the stairlift must be designed to fit your curved staircase, this requires more time and manufacturing. However, because these stairlifts are custom made they will be designed to save as much space as possible. Especially in case of a curved staircase it is essential to plan a home visit in order to help as good as possible.

Stairlift for outdoor use

Inhoud traplift

Stairlifts are not only available for indoor use but for outdoor use as well. In this case all of the materials used are resistant to all types of weather conditions, such as heat during summer and frost during winter. The majority of the suppliers we partner with offer various outdoor stairlift models.

Stairlift for wheelchairs

There are 2 types of lifts for people with wheelchairs: the platform lift and hub lift.

A platform lift consists of a rail and a plateau which can be accessed with the wheelchair, when the wheelchair is in position you use the remote control to safely move yourself up or down.

On the other hand, the hub lift consists of a vertical lift which is recommended for small height differences, such as a small staircase at the front door. Again, it is easily accessible for wheelchairs, and it is controlled by a remote.

Financial assistance stairlift

Purchasing a stairlift might not be affordable for everyone, in this case some suppliers offer financing assistance. We recommend asking the suppliers about their financial assistance possibilities, it has shown more than once that the purchase of a stairlift became possible after all, thanks to financial assistance. However, do not rush in to a big decision like this, take your time to consider all of your options well.